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What on earth is this title about I hear you wondering!  Ah well, I will just have to keep you reading then to find out eh?

Learning about the adult industry has been a challenging exercise.  You hSave to learn about all different subjects and one of them is about websites and getting them out there to be read.  It’s a learning experience that many will falter on after a couple of years and whilst I have been in business for 4 years now with Angels4You it’s still a challenge to keep the site out there and in the public arena.

There are many different kinds of adult jobs in the world and when I was doing my research on this subject then I came across jobs such as adult educators, the care and management of adults, young adult summer jobs and so on.  It’s amazing what you can find when you look but most of the time, as with many of us, it is not having sufficient time that limits us learning and improving our knowledge.

In the escort world, an adult job is usually spoken about in the same sentence as the prostitute word and whilst this industry is not allowed to seem professional, I have no doubt that this job will always be seen with this connotation added to it.  It is such a shame though that an escort’s world has to be continually seen in such a negative light.

Having been an escort, I know how much of an art form being with a stranger and making them feel comfortable is as a hard task and my energy levels were always depleted following a meeting with anyone.  For most girls in this adult industry though, unfortunately, with simply needing a monetary “fix” then the experience of meeting a girl of this ilk will often leave the client with a deflated feeling rather an elated one.  What could be very special work to take on for people who have the courage and personality to carry onwards with will always be brought down by those in this industry who are there to do this job for money and not because they enjoy caring about others.

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