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The Right Escort Agency : How do you know which one is right for you?

When you look for an escort agency to provide some companionship whilst visiting another city or town, how do you go about knowing who is the right escort agency for you?

It depends entirely on what it is you are looking for.  Most clients will want a site that clearly shows the services a girl provides but when you see that don’t you just hesitate slightly thinking I wonder just how many people that person will be seeing before/after you?

The agency will be at great pains to ensure that the right girl is offered to you.  But ask yourself this, if they are suggesting a certain person is it because she is right for you, or the only one for the agency that they know won’t let them down?

Agencies are used to a very traditional way of demand and supply – clients are used to getting their request at the time they ask for it and it’s never been traditionally about planning their time out in advance.

Unfortunately, this has led to a major growth in agencies who do not care about the team they promote and when a call comes in from a potential client, the only thing on the agency’s mind will be who can they send out at short notice and who won’t let them down.  That girl (usually described as “their favourite girl” or “our best girl”) has usually been to multiple clients already that day but will still be sent to you.  The girl gets little choice in who she sees.

It is difficult to find niche agencies that don’t cater for the masses but that do cater for the discerning client who is not just looking for a quick “leg over” but someone who cares about paying for time out that is special for both him and his companion.

Choose your agency with care and consideration.  An agency that you choose should be focussed on your time out with the right companion.  They should spend time chatting with you to find out something about you and to listen and understand why you have called them.  The team that the agency represent should not be advertising their services and if you want time out with class then don’t look for “high class escorts” – it’s just a term given to all escorts by agencies to make you feel that there is something different.

Look for an agency that promotes business women for business men and who does not accept short notice or short duration bookings.  You will be meeting a woman with class, intelligence and above all someone who wants to be with you and is not simply being “sent” to you just because you ring and demand.

There are different types of agencies out there but the niche ones are hard to find.  Find us if you dare to experience the different between a girl sent to you and a girl you request who agrees to meet you in a few days time after a discussion with the agency owner.  The difference in anticipation levels are infinitely measurable.

Have fun!

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