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Escort or Prostitute


Escort or Prostitute? Is there a difference?

To be an escort is to be a prostitute... isn't it? Well I know my knowledge on this subject from my own personal experiences as I entered the escorting world for fun in 2005 and am still within the industry although not as an active escort any further.

At the time of my first booking, I knew nothing about what was about to happen to me. I learnt incredibly quickly though as my first time out was, shall we say, a challenge and I have certainly learnt that whilst professional business men are, in the main, gentlemen, there are far too many of them who will treat you as a sexual service only from the time you enter into their domain and they are quite surprised and, often pleasantly surprised, when they realise that a keen mind of my own was actually all that was on offer!

What has to be learnt though from the very beginning is how to handle people with your own self knowledge of what is right and wrong. I have never believed myself to be a prostitute. I refused to be sold by an agency as a sexual service and when I arrived with a client I would always be paid for my time at the beginning and that, for me, was not for my body.

Unfortunately, if you enter onto most agency sites, most independent escort sites, adult forums and adult directory sites, virtually everyone advertises some form of sexual service but they call themselves escorts, not prostitutes.

Having had conversations with so many different people it still stuns me how often people are surprised when I confirm that I have been an escort and still run an escort agency but that I do not and will not offer a sexual service. I know that I am in the minority in this industry but I owe a duty of care to many in this industry as so many come into this for a direct monetary need with no understanding of just how dangerous this industry can be if they simply think that they have to offer their body for a direct monetary transaction.

I don't think I have really done enough justice to this article as yet but I certainly plan to bring more thoughts to the people who are curious about this industry in the future.

This industry has its negatives but all I really set out to do 5 years back now is make it right for anyone who has the knowledge to make a proper informed choice and to me, if anyone ever dares to call me a prostitute they will certainly have an interesting debate in their ear from me about why I am not!

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