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Avid readers of my diary ( will know that my feelings on the word escortgirl are pretty strong. Far too many people in this industry (and outside it) associate the word escort and girl in the same breath as a prostitute. Have a look at a slightly related to this subect about the word adult job.

This has been a pet subject that will continue to wend its way onwards for many years to come and whilst I know that an escort can, and unfortunately, does, often see herself as having no option but to offer her body for a client's use if she is paid for her time, I disagree strongly that this is the way for every single woman in this part of the adult world.

Having had a phone call just recently where the client was stunned when I said that I would not send an escort girl out on demand and his interest was clear when I made it apparent that the team on Angels4You are entirely different then I know that there can be different kinds of escorts in this industry and Angels4You are definitively a niche agency.

An escort can be how she chooses and many escorts will expect to provide personal services, yet to me, and to anyone who does their research and has the intelligence to know how to be yourself first, then it's about two like minded people meeting for time out however they both (and I mean both) choose to spend that time. A woman who is in control and not demeaning herself to do what she is told because she has been paid for her time is a rarity in this world. It's hard to accept money from someone who you know is expecting to have a personal service but successful dates depend on both people knowing and understanding each other's needs and wants.

This subject will continue til long after I have left this world because this industry has been ongoing since the dawn of time. Men will always desire women in a way that women who know how to handle this need can, to all intents and purposes, control that need.

An escortgirl can be lots of things but to me, a person who has the intelligence and grace to command respect being in an industry that many look down on but which I know to be a real art in how to handle people is well worth her weight in gold. I know I was a handful but an escortgirl who was a prostitute ... definitely not!

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