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It would be a great thought if prospective clients could spare the time to read our FAQs section, however, I know we all have limited time at times so I will always be happy to answer any queries you have either by email or by telephone on 07917 469241. Happy Reading! Sue x

1. We do not escort for a living

This means that each and everyone of us have our own careers, none of the team escort because they "need the money" and all of the team enjoy taking time out of their everyday lives to give some of their fun times to you. Our availability is varied and if you want to see a specific companion then advance notice will be very much needed.

In this industry, many of the people in this world believe that an escort "does this" because she has to. Angels4You have a unique ethos in that the people who join the team are not full-time or part-time professional escorts who rely on this as an income. It means that we are able to choose who is right for us and not be told to come out to you simply because the agency has the need to earn money and the companion has a need to pay her bills.

Whilst not wishing to "put down" anyone who chooses to be in this world on a paid income basis, Angels4You was set up simply for business women wishing to have time out with business men. We can all get fed up of our full-time jobs every now and again no matter how well paid they may be. This agency prefers to keep fun times to exactly that ... fun times.

2. Disabled and ethnic clients are seen

We all have a free choice in who we see and therefore if you wish to see a certain girl but she has expressed her choice to not see you then it is important for us all to respect that it is up to the person who they see or do not see.

Whilst no-one wishes to give offence, it is important for everyone to realise, we choose to give our time to you and we do not have to accept your request for our time if we choose not to do so, so please do not take offence if your choice of companion has made their own choice to not accept time with you.

3. Incalls are not acceptable to us

Incall apartments are not legal. Let me say that again, incall apartments are not legal. Whilst many agencies believe that it is perfectly acceptable to provide a girl with a place for her to see clients in, when a second, third, fourth and so on escort also uses the same location for the same activity, this is seen in law as a brothel and at this point in our British legislative climate, no matter what you, as a client may believe, this is still unacceptable in law.

Where girls are able to offer their own private places to see you (and where no other girl also uses that location) then this is perfectly acceptable in the law, however, Angels4You have taken a conscious choice to escort for fun times only and not a direct monetary need. Incalls, whilst they are incredibly popular, will not be anything we provide now, or in the future within the Angels4You team.

4. Short-notice, short-duration bookings are not offered

Our time is precious, so is yours, however, if you can plan a meeting in advance then that's exactly the type of client who would want to plan his companion in advance.

We appreciate the same care and consideration in giving our time to you as we hope you do so please do not call and expect us to be the same as everyone else ... we are very definitely not!

Advance notice is both required and appreciated. There may be times if you call late morning that we can see you that evening but most of the time this will not be sufficient time for us to arrange ourselves for that evening. Our minimum notice period is preferably 24 hours and our minimum booking duration is 2+ hours.

5. We do not offer services

The Angels girls will not detail their likes and dislikes as if they provide services and we certainly do not like being put in the position of being asked what is on offer as if either Marie or Sue is a madam! When you meet one of the girls on our team you are meeting a person for time and companionship not a body for a direct sexual requirement. At no time is anything other than our time and companionship being offered and certainly nothing should be taken by you to imply that you are paying for a sexual service by meeting any of our team.

Should this not be clear to you, then you may not be right to meet any of the special people in our team. Angels4You have a unique ethos in the way we recruit and in the way we place bookings and we expect certain standards from our clients the way you expect certain standards from us.

Whatever happens during your time should always stay between you and the person involved and should problems arise, as an agency owner and Marie, as the manager, will always try and mediate where needed, however, once payment has been made it is up to you and your companion as to what happens during that time and this must be with her consent as well as yours. A refund because you believed a certain service has not been fulfilled will not be acceptable to any of us.

6. We do not talk to you direct before a booking

Our private life is private the same as yours is so please do not call the agency and ask them to get us to contact you.

Our time is private whilst we are with you and during that time we can discuss anything which is right for us both.

7. Rates

Each girl will have her own rates and whilst these are usually very much the same, if the booking is for 24 hours or beyond then each girl will be happy to agree the rate.

Please be aware that when you meet one of our companions that payment should always be made promptly. Please do not embarras yourself or your companion by making her ask for this.

Cash is the only method of payment and cheques/credit cards are not accepted. If you wish to use a bank transfer then a CHAPS transfer is acceptable so long as I can get close to a computer to see funds arrive in or alternatively so long as one week notice is provided, then a normal bank transfer can be arranged for you but you, as the client, needs to organise yourself with whatever you need to do to ensure that this side of your appointment does not detract from your time with us.

8. Confidentiality and privacy

There is always an overriding reason for confidentiality in this special world of ours both from your end and ours.  We all take our responsibilities in this area with care and understanding.  Contact will only be made to confirm bookings with you during normal working hours and usually by text unless confirmation of different communication methods and times are obtained at the time of booking. 

We will also expect the same level of confidentiality from you and whilst the companions may have an urgent requirement whilst trying to find your address, for example, to ring you direct, it is expected and requested that you will not contact the girls at any time once the booking has taken place.  Communication must be made through Angels4You and any breach of this understanding will ensure that no further bookings will be accepted from you.

In relation to his privacy policy, please be aware that whilst details taken remain confidential, should there be a need to contact you outside the booking time for a specific reason, then please be aware that Angels4You reserves the right to make that contact if the necessity arises.

9. Travel expenses

Most of us are drivers and will therefore arrive in our own car. If there are any restrictions on parking where you are, then please let us know at the time of booking so that we can ensure that we have this information before we set off to you and do not have a problem when we reach you.

If you are happy to see one of the team and she, in accepting the booking, has longer than 45 minutes to travel to you then please be aware that £20 will be added to the fee to assist with petrol. If the journey time is over 45 minutes but under 1.5 hours then £30 will be added. If the journey to you is over 1.5 hours then mileage will be charged from postcode to postcode at 40p per mile.

10. Home visits will be subject to security checks

When you book to see one of our team at a private address, you should be aware that your address will be checked. Any distinguishing features to assist us in finding you, such as your car on your drive, should be provided.

At the time our team member arrives with you, you may be required to appear at your door, or at the entrance to your apartment block so that we can establish the correct location for you.

11. Testimonials and Reviews

Seeing an Angels4You escort should be a special time between you and her. We do not expect or request that you write reports with specific details of your time together. Unfortunately so much of this industry does place a lot of emphasis on these reports and having been asked, as the agency owner, why a girl does not have a review, you need to be aware that this is because we are a discreet and respectful agency and if a client has chosen to keep his time to himself then quite frankly that will be because it was special not because he did not care to report to everyone else.

12. Pictures and infringement rights

The pictures shown on this site are directly owned by Angels4You. These pictures are copyrighted and remain the ownership of Angels4You. Copying of the pictures or reproduction of this site in any format whatsoever is completely forbidden.

Face pictures of the girls are not and will not be available to any person for any reason.

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