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About Angels4You Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield Escorts
About Us

Angels4You Escorts was set up by Susan Jones in mid 2005 ( and yes we really are that open about who we are. Sue is an ex-escort having previously worked for a large Leeds escort agency.

The day-to-day management is handled by our manager, Marie, and she is as involved with Angels4You Escorts and holds it principles dear just as well as Sue does. Marie also worked previously for a Leeds agency.

Both Marie and Sue use to continue to provide people not directly associated with the adult industry an insight into the day-to-day comings and goings of escorts, escorting and the joys and tribulations of running an escort agency.

Where We Are Different

We are proud to stand against the majority of agencies and their traditionalistic ways of handling promotion and bookings. Our belief is that professionalism has to come from all sides of our relationship and those clients who simply want a short notice, short duration, late night booking are forwarded to the agencies who have the need to cover that side of this industry. We wish to stay different and we call our difference .......

"conscious choice escorting"

For those of you who are unclear about this, get a measure of just what we are trying to impart to you here.

In relation to clients:

  1. You can choose to meet a woman who escorts all day every day however with an Angels4You escort you will meet someone who will be there because she wants to be, not has to be
  2. We will always talk to you as a person not a punter so long as you treat us as a professional person and not a pimp
  3. We don't put you into any risk situation by providing incall apartments where different girls are being sent to see different clients using the same place all hours of the day - these are brothels and they are not legal
  4. You have the choice to meet your person of choice (subject to her agreeing to meet you as she has her choice too) and not someone pushed onto you because she is the "best" person - this usually means she is the only girl who has the capacity to see her umpteenth client of the day and is unable to say no to the agency because she fears no further work - this does happen

In relation to our team:

  1. Our team will always have the choice to say yes or no to meeting a client
  2. Late night bookings will not be accepted and notice will always be as far in advance as possible
  3. Our team are always business women who have made a conscious choice to escort because they want to have more experience in their life not because they need more money

Where We Are Based

Location wise, Angels4You Escorts are able to visit clients in and around the main areas of Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield. Some of the girls are directly within those locations, others may wish to travel to see you but if the woman you wish to see is outside your area then we will let you know and agree additional costs for fuel, if needed.

Additional Information

Angels4You has been in existence now since November 2005 proving that there is a niche market for women who do not need to escort but who choose who they see, and when and how they see a client. Angels4You Escorts also provide clients with a choice - a traditional person who sees clients all day, every day, or someone in the industry who wishes to meet them and not just their purse!

Angels4You has always been a hobby, and never a reliance on the industry for an income and that it is why Angels4You has shown the way in principles and pride in being able to pick and choose and not ever "send" girls to demand or "use" a girl's need for money or a client's immediate need for his leg over!

Marie and Sue both look forward to knowing your difference but remember, treat Angels4You escorts as traditional and you will get absolutely nowhere; give us the professionalism we ourselves hold dear and you will be very welcome to meet one of our valued team so long as they can fit in time to see you.



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