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Our Criteria
  1. You have your own car and are totally independent in getting to and from bookings (public transport, your friend driving or taxis will not be acceptable methods of transport)
  2. Your dress size will be under size 12 but your height and weight must be proportionate to your build
  3. Your age is mid 20's to late 30's
  4. You are above average looks
  5. You have your own full or part-time professional business occupation
  6. You are making a conscious choice to escort for fun not because you need money

Joining Details

If you believe you do fit the criteria then please get in contact. A phone call to 07917 469241 is the easiest way to speak to Marie or Sue (evenings or weekends better for us both) otherwise use the Contact Form (link here) or send an email direct to

Additional Information

Angels4You has been in existence now since November 2005 proving that there is a niche market for women who do not need to escort but who choose who they see, when and how they see the person. Unfortunately for Sue who owns Angels4You, she found that her business assistance clients (the other part of her limited company) have needed more time than she had the time to give and something had to give and this culminated in the appointment of Marie as the Angels4You manager.

Angels4You has always been a hobby, and never a reliance on the industry for an income and that it is why Angels4You has shown the way in principles and pride in being able to pick and choose and not ever "send" girls to demand or "use" a girl's need for money.

For women who believe that they wish to try escorting and you do not wish to dip your toe into the traditional agency world, then you are welcome to come onto the team, if you meet the criteria, but you need to realise that photographs are not inexpensive and we will expect you, if you do call to be professional, to keep your word, to not let us down with excuses for any reason. If the initial contact with you all goes well and we all decide to go forward, that you have fully understood that your continued commitment to professionalism is the core principle of our agency and you should therefore be coming to Angels4You Escorts with knowledge not ignorance.

The Join Us criteria gives you a measure of just how different we are - very few sites look for the criteria we hold dear because Angels4You was only set up in recent years for business women (more executive/professional careers). Women who know themselves, do not need money and know that they will not be demanded of time from them with little or no notice.

Angels4You have stayed different and will continue to offer clients and women that different level of escorting - we call it "conscious choice escorting" not to be confused with "need escorting".

I mentioned above that we are different and unique and in no way do Angels4You escorts fit the traditional escort agency image. For those you who are not already in this world, this means the following

  • That you are not required to attend bookings at short notice or for short durations
  • You will always be communicated with no matter what and your safety and security is our primary concern
  • You are not required to sit in the house or at any other venue and wait to be sent to a client
  • You are definitely not sent to multiple clients in the same day one after the other
  • You are never sent to anyone on demand. All bookings are a three-way decision between your agency, you and the potential client
  • You have a right to refuse any client or booking for your own reasons
  • You are not required to see anyone at late times in an evening
  • You are at all times treated as a person and are respected for making your own choices without any pressure from clients or from your agency

Joining the Angels4You Team is about acknowledging that you want to work with a fully professional agency. We are different, we are unique and both Marie and Sue personally care about each and every one of you in every way possible. Both of us are ex-escorts and, together, we can offer you the best of support - we understand from both your angle and from the client's angle just what it is about our world that is so much needed.

If you believe you can measure up to who we look for, then don't be put off and hold back, just give us a call on 07917 469241 or send a message using the contact form and we will call you for a first chat. There is no joining fee whatsoever and in our world, you should never need to pay any agency or person to join their team so bear that in mind whilst you are doing your research as to which agency you wish to join. Photography fees are payable to our photographer and the fee for this remains at market rates yet you can see from the pictures that you are not portrayed as anything other than classy and sensual - not crude.

We do suggest that any prospective escorts have a good read of This is a site written by escorts for escorts and will give you a good solid education about the escort world.


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