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Straight Male


Straight Male

You know I wasn't sure how to start this article about the words straight male. It evoked differing levels of thoughts in my head that's a definite! My first port of call to read up on what may have written about the male of the species was to Wikipedia ( but I was surprised to not find the exact words to define a straight male there and instead there was an invitation to write an article about that subject.

I am not sure my ramblings on this subject would be any good on there but here goes on a hiding for nothing for my personal update on this subject! Having been in the swinging world and then the escort industry for a good many years I have heard many different terms but to me whenever I hear the words straight and male being put together my head immediately tunes in to the fact that this man prefers the company of women for his sexual liaisons.

Looking at these words simply from the adult industry angle is, however, very biased. You need to look at a person as an individual and not as a label. Everyone can be straight in whatever way they want and pasting the word straight on to the word man does not really give me any better understanding of a person now does it! It reminds me of that other term blonde female and how we look at that term too.

My tendency to prefer straight-talking people and, being frank, being straight-talking myself often leads to problems. How many times do you really get truthfulness when you ask the question "how are you"? I bet most of you would answer to that "fine, thank you" and very few of you would be blunt enough to say how you truly are and why is that? Because ... certainly in my understanding and personality, most people have been taught to cover up their true self and only let the most personal of relationships in to their real self.

Is that a negative? Not really in my books, but for me, I prefer being striaght up and honest to putting on the fine face when I don't feel it! So to sum up being straight, whether that is male or female, is entirely up to the person and how they want to be and certainly not up to me to make a judgment on whether a man is a straight male or not!

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